Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 24, 2010

Revise my PPN?

I’m not hesitant on re-writing my PPN but I thought I had it correct!  So if Davene and Dale can change their PPN…  so can I! 

My current PPNs are Liberty and True Health.  After reading why Dale changed True Health I started wondering about my PPN for True HealthTrue Health to me means I can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, walk, and I understand what’s going on around me.  It’s very important to me that I am aware of my surroundings.  I understand there are medical devices that help but I’m currently functioning without medical devices and I pray everyday this doesn’t change.

Security is also very important to me.  I pray and work my budget that my family is not displaced due to lack of finances.  Not sure why this is so important to me as I was never displaced as a child but I don’t ever want to be and it would emotionally destroy me if we were displaced as a family – so….  Liberty?

Can I have more?  Legacy is important to me but I’m currently not working to leave anything when I’m gone.  I study scriptures often but I don’t currently focus on Spiritual Growth.  Now Helping Others…  lately I’ve been looking for ways to help and bless others with what I’m learning.  I’ve been helping someone in another MLM industry and it moves me to see how she appreciates the information I share with her.  I’m also helping others in areas outside of MLM careers.


…but I need to get it right by tomorrow’s webinar…

Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 22, 2010

It feels so good….

to introduce someone to the Lazy Networker videos! 

I met someone on Tuesday night that is totally new to Network Marketing.  She is totally lost BUT EXCITED (like I was).  She mentioned buying books and secrets… Oh My!  I poured my heart out to her and gave her so much information that would definitely help her in her business.  I hope she watches the videos…


Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 20, 2010

Increasing my skills…

is paying off!  O YES I’M SCREAMING!!!  O.A.T.S. made me do it!  I called nine people and got five confirmed appointments all by this Friday!  I’m so excited.  Thank you Mark and Davene for this course!  Thank you to my fellow MKMMAers – YOU ROCK!  Together we will all increase our skills.

Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 14, 2010

What I’ve learned about myself…

From my 3 week journey in the Master Key’s I’ve learned that reading makes me sleepy. My morning reading can’t be read in the bed so I get up and wash my face then sit on the floor.  I’ve also learned to control my inner thoughts.  I procrastinate so the chores has helped me become a better housewife!  I cleaned my office, the garage, and the closet in the guest room… whew!

What does sitting still and relaxing your mind do for you?  It’s a little difficult but I’m beginning to look forward to this.

I did not get the cage yet and I’m afraid of what will happen if a bird actually appears… 

What an amazing class with such good talent!  Looking forward to looking back at midpoint 🙂

Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 7, 2010

“The subconscious will return what you plant”…

So does that mean the sky is the limit? Does that mean there are no limits? 

I am feeling overwhelmed and my subconscious is telling me to quit.  The NO EXCUSE in me tells me to keep going – keep pressing on.  Mark promises that I’ll be blowing through the exercises in a few weeks!!!  YEA!  I’m SO looking forward to it.

I had a chore to complete – and I keep my promises – it’s done!  I’ve been procrastinating cleaning my office for months.  And yes, I sweated out my shirt but I cleaned my office all by myself.  I wish I took pictures before.  My kids asked me why I cleaned my office – silly kids!

TRUE HEALTH AND LIBERTY!  I was not able to pick two immediately (is that the green in me AGAIN?)  Geez…  I picked True Health immediately but I struggled with my second choice.  If I have Liberty than I can take care of legacy and pretty much autonomy and helping others.  I struggled with spiritual growth but if I can go and do as I please then I can choose to grow spiritually.  I saw absolutely no need for recognition for creative expression but I may not have fully understood the definition.

I’m learning so much about myself – THIS I WILL NEVER QUIT!


Posted by: Annette Burgess | September 20, 2010

Hello world!

Yes, title seemed to fit.  Hello fellow MKMMA Group!

I looked forward to the first webinar for quite some time.  Mark and Davene obviously (to me) put in time to jump start the class, and I TRULY APPRECIATE IT!  I’ve been following Mark as The Lazy Networker and I’m honored to be at this very spot at this very moment.

Well, when I start something new, unforseen challenges USUALLY come in play.  While on the first webinar my internet went out.  It was no big deal because I dialed in so I was able to listen while I re-booted my computer.  Could that be it?  Noooo… the very next day as I was preparing my schedule in Outlook, my computer thought otherwise.  I had to restore my computer to it’s out-of-the-box settings – yea!  Could that be it?  Not exactly.  I thought I lost one of my books.  I keep one book under my pillow and the other in my purse.  While unwinding for the evening, I reached for my book and it was gone.  After looking everywhere I asked my beloved husband if he’d seen the book and he directed me to the bathroom near the bowl! 

So now I’m blogging for the first time.  A little different for me.  As a green with a touch of yellow, I had to get as much info about a blog, break the secret code, analyze it, study it, so here it is – my first blog.


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