Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 24, 2010

Revise my PPN?

I’m not hesitant on re-writing my PPN but I thought I had it correct!  So if Davene and Dale can change their PPN…  so can I! 

My current PPNs are Liberty and True Health.  After reading why Dale changed True Health I started wondering about my PPN for True HealthTrue Health to me means I can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, walk, and I understand what’s going on around me.  It’s very important to me that I am aware of my surroundings.  I understand there are medical devices that help but I’m currently functioning without medical devices and I pray everyday this doesn’t change.

Security is also very important to me.  I pray and work my budget that my family is not displaced due to lack of finances.  Not sure why this is so important to me as I was never displaced as a child but I don’t ever want to be and it would emotionally destroy me if we were displaced as a family – so….  Liberty?

Can I have more?  Legacy is important to me but I’m currently not working to leave anything when I’m gone.  I study scriptures often but I don’t currently focus on Spiritual Growth.  Now Helping Others…  lately I’ve been looking for ways to help and bless others with what I’m learning.  I’ve been helping someone in another MLM industry and it moves me to see how she appreciates the information I share with her.  I’m also helping others in areas outside of MLM careers.


…but I need to get it right by tomorrow’s webinar…



  1. Hey Annette – You sure can change your PPNs and I understand the sometimes they are hard to pinpoint. Just remember that you want to find the 2 that are joy, bliss when you think of achieveing them time and space have not meaning you can get lost in your thoughts about being there. Those are them and the other 5 will happen once you get those met.

  2. Creating a new reality is confusing to the old reality…..YIPPEE ….it is happening!!

    You are growing and what a great post!

    mark j

  3. Hehe, Mark is funny but he’s right. Creating new reality can be confusing. So what PPN’s did you decide on? What is cool is that ALL 7 PPN’s will happen no matter what. Choosing the correct 2 will build your BURNING DESIRE and PASSION. Wahooo, I can’t wait to see which 2 you have chosen 😀

  4. Hello Annette,
    I enjoyed your post. Very open & honest.
    Hope you are continuing the Great Journey.
    You can do it.
    Agape’ Darlene

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