a little About Annette Burgess

I am honored to have earned a scholarship to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance taught by The Worlds Laziest Networker and the Fabulous Davene!

I am married (15 years), 4 girls ages 14, 10, 8, 5 – my family is my FUEL!

I have a passion for showing people how they can increase their bottom line by implementing simple changes such as: planning meals for the week BEFORE going to the store, the art of coupons, never shop w/out a list, how to calculate your cost savings at the store, and recycling (on a large-scale).  Looking to teach these methods to individuals truly looking to make a difference financially and WITHOUT A SECOND JOB!  Think of “Trim The Fat”…

I also show drivers and companies how they can save money on gas!  I offer a liquid fuel treatment that goes into your gas tank to increase gas mileage – the product works each and every time.  The company offers a 100% money back guarantee!  What a blessing to use a product that will put money back in your pocket.


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