Press Release

Location:  Key West, Florida ~ December 4, 2015

Syndicated Reporter: Katie Couric

There has been such a buzz about Network Marketing over the past five years, many people have become millionaires!  However, when I heard about Annette Burgess and what she’s done in the industry I was absolutely floored.  Mrs. Burgess agreed to meet with me on her birthday at their mansion in the Florida Keys.  When my crew and I arrived, I found Mrs. Burgess sitting on her porch watching the waves.  She seemed to be in such a peaceful place.  She gave everyone a warm welcome – she made everyone feel as if their job was the most important job ever.  I told her to continue with what she was doing until the crew and I were set up.  I really didn’t need much preparation but I seemed to have interrupted her thoughts and I wanted see her in that peaceful place again.  Once the crew started setting up, her children began to stir – they were putting on lipstick and getting their hair in place as if they were going to be a star on stage – it was amusing.  Mr. Burgess was as polite and humble as his wife – “what a wonderful family”, I thought.

I announced to Mrs. Burgess the crew was ready to begin the interview.  She simply looked in her mirror, smiled and said, “I’m ready”.

Q. So Mrs. Burgess, I would give a penny for the thoughts you were having just before we arrived.  She smiled shyly before responding… A. I just love the morning air – it’s so peaceful.  Actually, I was not thinking about anything specific, I was simply enjoying the moment.  I love feeling the wind brush against my face, while listening to the waves come to shore then leave the shore just in time for another wave.  Mrs. Burgess had closed her eyes by this time… You can almost taste the salt from the ocean – I love it here.  She then put on her shades as she explained her childhood, growing up on a peninsula in New York, how she would walk about 1,000 feet to the docks or 3 city blocks to the ocean, “we would fish one day and swim the next”, she said.  She explained how she always knew she would one day again live by the beach. R. Wow, amazing.


Q.  Well Mrs. Burgess…  R. Please call me Annette – I’m not that formal.

Q. Well, Annette (smiling), I wanted to get your take on the Network Marketing Industry.  Why Network Marketing versus a more traditional career and what did you do specifically that made you so successful?  A. As far as the Industry… I love it.  I would have it no other way.  I don’t know any other industry where the average person can have such a financial increase as I have seen.  Actually, this is what attracted me but skills kept me in this business.  As to your second part of the question, I’ve worked a traditional job for 20 years and I did not receive personal satisfaction.  There were too many rules and time constraints.

Q. What do you mean, skills kept you in the business? A. Well I have to start by telling you my story and failures in the business.  I’ve worked or failed in Network Marketing for 10 years. I’ve worked with ACN, Amyway, Melaleuca, Ardyss, and now Syntek Global.  I was ready to leave the Network Marketing industry when I met my sponsor on Facebook.  He presented the Syntek opportunity to me and I thought it would be a no brainer – I was not offering pills, potions, lotions, or the promise of longevity – this is a product that would save people money right now.  Again, the pattern repeated – I had no success sponsoring and I was going broke buying all types of books, tapes, and DVDs where each one “has the secret”.  I thought if there actually was a secret, they were not going to tell it.  At that time I came across The Laziest Networker and his wife, The Fabulous Davene.  I was offered a scholarship to the Master Key Master Mind Alliance which gave me the skills I needed to grow my business.  I learned to control my mind, stopped procrastinating (my husband’s favorite), Emerson’s Law – give more get more and a host of other skills.  The class is priceless!  I received the tools that made me the success that I am today and it was all FREE!

Q. Free?  A.  Yes, absolutely Free. R. Amazing.

Q. So, I see you purchased some lavish items but watching your family – you all are very humble.  Do you have big plans with your new found wealth?  A. Actually, we give about ½ of our money away.  Besides our church, the Pastor of our former church, and family – I have my heart set on helping as many people who simply take action for themselves.  Sometimes people say, “I wish I could just get a break” and they really mean it – I help them.  I also help families in shelters obtain their first home as well as help with the Meals on Wheels for the elderly – I have a heart for the elderly.  My grandmother passed away about 8 years ago but she was always old and wise in my eyes – I think that’s why I have such a soft heart for the elderly. 

Q. So what’s in your plans for the future?  A. Give more and enjoy life with my husband.  If we wake up and don’t feel like doing anything that day – we won’t.

I thanked The Burgess family as we had a wonderful lunch the girls made.  Annette never liked to cook and she said she never steps foot in the kitchen anymore – the girls do the cooking. 


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