Posted by: Annette Burgess | September 20, 2010

Hello world!

Yes, title seemed to fit.  Hello fellow MKMMA Group!

I looked forward to the first webinar for quite some time.  Mark and Davene obviously (to me) put in time to jump start the class, and I TRULY APPRECIATE IT!  I’ve been following Mark as The Lazy Networker and I’m honored to be at this very spot at this very moment.

Well, when I start something new, unforseen challenges USUALLY come in play.  While on the first webinar my internet went out.  It was no big deal because I dialed in so I was able to listen while I re-booted my computer.  Could that be it?  Noooo… the very next day as I was preparing my schedule in Outlook, my computer thought otherwise.  I had to restore my computer to it’s out-of-the-box settings – yea!  Could that be it?  Not exactly.  I thought I lost one of my books.  I keep one book under my pillow and the other in my purse.  While unwinding for the evening, I reached for my book and it was gone.  After looking everywhere I asked my beloved husband if he’d seen the book and he directed me to the bathroom near the bowl! 

So now I’m blogging for the first time.  A little different for me.  As a green with a touch of yellow, I had to get as much info about a blog, break the secret code, analyze it, study it, so here it is – my first blog.



  1. I am also green, and I love to write! I bet you’ll find it easy very soon.

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