Posted by: Annette Burgess | October 20, 2010

Increasing my skills…

is paying off!  O YES I’M SCREAMING!!!  O.A.T.S. made me do it!  I called nine people and got five confirmed appointments all by this Friday!  I’m so excited.  Thank you Mark and Davene for this course!  Thank you to my fellow MKMMAers – YOU ROCK!  Together we will all increase our skills.



  1. That’s GREAT Anette.

    Keep it up.
    Agape’ Darlene

  2. Wahooooooooo!! I am screaming with you!! See you mom always told you to eat your OATS and she was right! 😀

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO ANETTE!! 🙂

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